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    Focus on what matters

    ALPHA provides a range of managed Payrolling and Employer of Record services that allow you and your organization to concentrate on your core business activities while still retaining oversight and control over your personnel. Our breadth of services can be customized to meet your specific needs- from providing payrolling for your employees to acting as the employer of record for your entire workforce. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to provide services in most countries across the world.

    Make the strategic move to ALPHA

    Transitioning your workforce to ALPHA is easy and painless. Our Engagement Team works within your preferred modes of transacting business. Our Implementation Team and administrative systems are designed to provide smooth Employer of Record personnel transfers and payrolling services.



    Let us take over the burden of administering your workforce and managing their taxes and benefits.



    Our solutions give you greater visibility over spending and tighter control over costs.



    We eliminate the guesswork from worker classification and reduce independent contractor tax exposure.

    Solutions that are easy to implement and provide tangible benefits

    Employer of Record (EOR) Services

    We manage administrative and payroll services for contingent labor, flexible workforces, interns, misclassified 1099 employees, pre-identified talent, seasonal workers, working retirees, and more. Our dedicated team of processing specialists has over 12 years of experience serving more than 100 corporations across 40 states.

    Payrolling Solutions

    Complementing our Employer of Record services are our Payrolling Solutions. In addition to providing all payrolling, benefits, and tax administration for our EOR clients, we also offer standalone pass-through administration of employees’ paychecks.

    IC/1099 Compliance

    Our investigative approach combines a dedication to details with professional expertise to help you stay compliant. We keep current with ever-changing and increasingly complex employment laws, freeing you from the risk of misclassification which could result in serious 1099 liabilities.

    Risk Mitigation

    We have the resources, subject matter expertise, and experience to help you avoid the many pitfalls that can result in misclassifying workers. Our rigorous methodologies ensure that all your workers are eligible and accurately classified from the start regardless of their municipality, state, or country of origin.